The idea to form an official organization for alumni of the Clarkson Pep Band has kicked around many times over the years, dating back to 1988 and possibly even earlier. In January 2005, shortly after that year’s Pep Band reunion, several alumni ranging from 1986 to 2001 began discussing the possibility (yet again) of forming an official organization.

Over the next several months, this group informally discussed if, when and how to do such a thing. On April 24, 2005, five Pep Band alumni met officially for the first time to form what would soon become the Clarkson University Pep Band Alumni Association, or CUPBAA.

Our goal was to become an officially-recognized organization in the eyes of Clarkson University. By doing this, we planned to continually work toward the following objectives:

  • To support current student members of the Clarkson Pep Band
  • To preserve the traditions and history of the Clarkson Pep Band
  • To provide a means for alumni who were members of the Pep Band to keep in contact with each other

Over the next two years, we continued to meet monthly to work toward our goal. During that time, we planned two Pep Band reunions and wrote the CUPBAA Constitution to outline the structure and purpose of our organization. On February 17, 2007 we held our Inaugural Annual General Meeting. All Pep Band alumni who were present at that meeting voted on the CUPBAA Constitution, which was ratified unanimously.

The Clarkson University Pep Band Alumni Association is now officially recognized by the University. As a subset of the Clarkson Alumni Association, we have earned representation and voting privileges at the Alumni Council meetings. This should help us to achieve one of our key objectives: supporting the Clarkson Pep Band.

The CUPBAA Constitution was unanimously ratified February 17, 2007 and entered into record March 6, 2007. In 2012, Amendment I: Clarkson University Alumni Council Representative was added to the Constitution to outline the duties and selection of the CUPBAA representative to the Alumni Council. The amended Constitution, attached below, was ratified unanimously on February 18, 2012 and entered into record February 23, 2012.