Golf Tournament

Fellow Alumni,

Over the past ten years, it has been a goal of this organization to provide alumni, friends, family, and sponsors a quality golf tournament every summer.  As the tournament has grown, so has our commitment to providing you with an entertaining weekend of sport and comradery.  This year, as regulations change, we can not provide you a tournament that meets the quality demanded by us as an executive board, and by you as an alumni.  It is with heavy heart that we must cancel this year’s golf tournament.

However, we are still the Pep Band!  If anyone can make the most of a bad situation, it’s us!  In this spirit, it is my pleasure to announce a new event to keep us together in these unique times, The Decathlon of Social Distancing!  Ten events designed to provide us with an opportunity to participate in something beyond the zoom meeting, and to give us a little break from the new normal.

With this new tournament, we are trying a new form of registration using our own website.  It is our intention as an executive board to utilize to its fullest potential.  Starting with this tournament we will commit to updating the page with news, information, and communications to all of you.

Please head to to register for the Decathlon.  Rules and regulations for the tournament will be sent to you by July 1st, and the Decathlon will commence on Friday July 3rd and run until Saturday August 15, with a final event and closing ceremony. I sincerely hope all of you find time to participate.

As things change in our society, I take pride in knowing that our little group is there for each other and has the ability to rise to the challenges of the day.  As workers who needeth not be ashamed, we can take some time for ourselves and try to have some fun in what can be only described as confusing times.

Yours in Technology,

Brett Gobe ‘03

CUPBAA President

Check back soon for information on sponsorship and registration!